About Us

Welcome to the Strongest Branch Studio

As we journey though life sometimes we hit some detours or bumps in the road. Sometimes these bumps become bruises. We have found that the best way to heal those bruises is with creating something beautiful out of the mess.
Though art people can express their pain, grief, sadness, fear, and stress. We offer people of all ages healing workshops. Giving you a fresh new start with
Extending a strong branch to those in need. Sometimes you just need a strong branch to help support you until you can get you back on track. This is what Strongest Branch studio is all about.

Why the name Strongest Branch Studio? We are HUGE - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes fans. One of the lines from Caesar is people always look for the strongest branch. Like a helping hand reaching out those need of a boost.
Got a question, comment, or special order? Shoot us an email at kshutch@gmail.com