Positive Pocket Pals- P3

Meet my son Ben, He is 11 years old Ben and has ASD. (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Ben is very high functioning and has been bullied a lot by other students that just don't understand him. Last year Ben, was home-schooled for most of the year to try to cope and help him heal from the bullying. I should back up a little, before I pulled Ben out of public school we sent him to Social Skills classes. One of things they gave the kiddos was a hacky sack that they could color on. Benner drew a face on his. He came home that day so excited that he could always have a friend with him at school since it was small enough to put in his pocket. Ben asked me if I could crochet him one and put a face on it. So, of course I did that. Ben then named it and gave it a superpower that would help him get though his day. He took it to school the next day. In his IEP it states that he can have a fidget. The teachers just loved it and so did Ben! So, that is how Positive Pocket Pals were born.

They are 1 1/2 to 2 inch hand crocheted soft round balls with faces. That kids and adults can use as a stress ball, hacky sack, or fidget.

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